About NTA Certification Corporation

NTA Certification Corporation, a separately incorporated company, develops and administers the NTA Exam.

The primary purpose of NTA Certification Corporation is to promote and enhance consumer health and safety by establishing and maintaining high standards of professional practice excellence through certification and certification renewal for telemetry technicians who maintain lead monitoring of cardiac rhythms for acutely and critically ill patients in ICU, CCU or Step Down Units.

Telemetry Technician Certification is a process that measures achievement of the standards practiced as the telemetry technician’s practice is at a given and documented point in time. While not a membership organization the NTA Certification Corporation does assess the change in telemetry practice periodically and validates through testing that the individual professional is practicing up to the current standard.


The N.T.A. is now in its 5th year as a certifying body.


New questions to appear on the NTA exam regarding trending and vital sign recognition.


Our educators are now offering classes in cardiac arrhythmia interpretation at hospitals across the U.S.