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Telemetry Certification Study Guide

Telemetry Certification Study Guide
Telemetry Certification Study Guide
Price: $40.00

Cardiac Arrhythmia Practice Test
Cardiac Arrhythmia Practice Test
Price: $3.00

7 Responses to “Telemetry Certification Study Guide”

  1. Aida Augusto says:

    I need information on Telemetry certification, I’m an RN with some Telemetry experience, please send me the requirements information on certification program, thanks.

  2. wanda bardwell says:

    Please email me the information and requirements to obtain telemetry certification. I am the supervisor and have 16 telemetry monitor watchers who are interested in becoming certified.

    • shaojun wang says:

      I am a retired cardiologist from China and immigrant to USA three month. I want to know when I pass the EKG exam. and obtain a certificate of EKG, could I find a job as an EKG technician or monitor technician or some thing like that in USA? I have a lot of knowledge about EKG and I understand advanced EKG problem. Am I eligible to work in a clinic or hospital in US?

      • admin says:

        Hello Dr. Wang;

        I am not an expert in eligibility criteria. I would suggest that you apply to the positions that interest you and take it from there.

  3. Colleen says:

    Hello, very interested un being certified in telemetry. Wondering if this is a legitimate source for studying/testing and why? Just be careful. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hello Colleen;

      Yes we are legitimate. We have a group of physicians across the U.S. and RN’s who have collaborated in developing the NTA. The focus is to have a reputable source of information and testing platform that will certify Telemetry Technicians. The safety of patient’s is our common goal and there is distinct knowledge base that should be a part of every Telemetry Technicians repertoire.
      Thanks for writing in,
      Nancy Kimmel RN PhD

  4. Joan M Connors RN BSN says:

    I would like to get certification I would like to order review study information . Said to go to products. I cannot find products on site. Any CEU for review or certification? Hope to here from you soon. Thanks for the help. J M Connors RN BSN

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