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UPDATE: While Dr. Van Mask was with the NTA for 6 months, he will no longer be available.

Dr. Van Mask, MD, is the newly appointed medical director and educational administrator at the National Telemetry Association (NTA®).

An experienced emergency medicine physician, Dr. Mask brings remarkable credentials to the role. In his career to date, he has:

  • Logged more than 50,000 hours in emergency departments from Maine to Hawaii as an emergency medicine physician
  • Served as an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston
  • Flew with Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 767 to help liberate Kuwait during the first Persian Gulf War; his medical training included biological/chemical warfare support and combat casualty care

His role at NTA®has Dr. Mask engaging in instructional design efforts. He oversees national exam question development, provides editing input, and makes recommendations about trial questions. His emergency medicine wisdom is invaluable. Few are better suited to determining the knowledge needed to become a Nationally Certified Telemetry Technician.

Such credentials match perfectly with NTA®. The association’s mission is to help develop a healthcare field where all telemetry technicians share the same level of expertise. Getting there means raising the bar concerning the knowledge necessary to pass the national exam. A critical step toward that is crafting tests that require critical thinking and advanced assessment skill.

It’s all in service to the patients with whose care telemetry technicians are entrusted. And when it comes to taking care of patients, Dr. Mask is the perfect prescription for NTA®and its students.

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