Cardiac Medications

Categories: Telemetry

Review of cardiac medications and their effect on the heart

Automated External Defibrillator

Categories: Life Saving AED

How to use an automated external defibrillator

Telemetry Review Part 1

Categories: Intro to Telemetry

Starting at the beginning. Introduction to telemetry.

Placing EKG Leads

Categories: How to place EKG Leads

Learning to Place EKG leads

Telemetry Review Part II

Categories: Telemetry Review II

Telemetry Review Part II

Telemetry Review Part I

Categories: Telemetry Review Part I

Telemetry review Part I

Telemetry/EKG 1 of 6

Categories: Anatomy/Conduction

Telemetry/EKG Lecture 1 in a weekly series of 6 videos.

Cardiac Axis

Categories: Axis and Electrical Potential

Review of Cardiac Axis

Telemetry/EKG 2 of 6

Categories: Telemetry/EKG 2 of 6

Review lesson 2 of 6

Telemetry/EKG 3 of 6

Categories: Telemetry/EKG 3 of 6

Review lesson 3 of 6

Telemetry/EKG 4

Categories: Telemetry/EKG 4 of 6

Review of PR, ,QRS, QT

Telemetry/EKG Lecture 1

Categories: EKG Lecture 1

Review I of beginning Telemetry/EKG

Telemetry EKG 3

Categories: Review 3 Telemetry/EKG

Review 3 Telemetry/EKG

Telemetry EKG 2

Categories: Telemetry EKG 2

Telemetry EKG 2

Cardiac Medications II

Categories: Cardiac medications Part II

Cardiac Medications II

Placing EKG Leads

Categories: Placing EKG Leads

Placing EKG Leads

Test Review II

Categories: Test Review II

Test Review

Test Review I

Categories: Test Review I

Test Review I

Test Review III

Categories: Test Review III

Test Review III

ECG Demonstration

Categories: ECG demonstration

ECG Demonstration

Cardiac cycle III

Categories: Cardiac cycle III

Cardiac Cycle III

Cardiac cycle II

Categories: Cardiac Cycle II

Cardiac cycle II

Cardiac cycle I

Categories: Cardiac cycle I

Cardiac cycle I