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Ensure Your Patients Are In The Most Capable Hands

A certified telemetry facility can provide comfort to those patients (and their families) that are in the most severe of circumstances. Telemetry usually deals with high-risk patients in or just out of the ICU who need constant monitoring. In such situations, it is crucial that your staff be confident and alert when interpreting data and checking vitals. Ensure this is the case with telemetry training.

Accreditation is also recognized internationally so you can assess your facility’s level of performance in relation to industry standards and differentiate yourself from other establishments that aren’t certified.

A certified facility can:

  • Monitor important health vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate and heart rhythm from the hospital or a remote location on special telemetry equipment.
  • Confidently interpret data for critically-ill or high-risk patients in or just out of ICU.
  • Detect trends in vitals that could indicate danger or distress for your patients.
  • Establish the skills necessary to provide high-quality care.
  • Stay up-to-date on telemetry best practices.

Stand Out As A Top-Tier Health Facility

The NTA® offers numerous online resources to make it as easy as possible for your facility to become accredited in cardiac arrhythmia interpretation. Available online are study guides and practice tests, as well as reference materials, such as the Telemetry Review Course, that offer adequate preparation for the final exam.

The National Telemetry Technician Exam is timed at 180 minutes and consists of 200 questions. A score of 85% or higher is required to pass. Those who successfully pass will receive a complimentary sew-on patch and a hard copy certification (within 7-10 business days). We will also display their registration number on our website for public view.

You are allowed a maximum of 3 paid exam attempts within a 6 month period, after which you must wait a minimum of 6 months after the 3rd attempt to re-test. Once you have opened the exam, you cannot save and quit so be sure that you have a stable internet connection and minimal distractions before you begin.

The test fee is $149 per student for a single exam attempt. We also offer other packages with courses, books and pdf review material to fit your educational needs.

Certify Your Team