NTA Code of Ethics for Members:

Provision 1
The telemetry technician will protect and uphold the patient’s comfort, safety, privacy, dignity and rights with compassion.

Provision 2
The telemetry technician’s primary commitment is to the expedient analysis and interpretation of cardiac arrhythmias.

Provision 3
The telemetry technician’s goal is to act in a timely manner to prevent unnecessary lag time between the recognition of a dangerous rhythm and notification of the proper medical professional.

Provision 4
The telemetry technician has authority, accountability and responsibility for their actions; makes decisions; and takes action consistent within the scope of their practice as delineated by their employer.

Provision 5
The telemetry technician must take responsibility for promoting the field of Telemetry while collaborating with their peers and pursuing continuing education in the field.

Provision 6
The telemetry technician must continually promote the profession of Telemetry and maintain at least 25 CEU’s yearly in the field of cardiac arrhythmia’s, medication and procedures.

Provision 7
The telemetry technician shall maintain a clean and organized work station with strict attention to the importance of HIPAA rules and regulations.

Provision 8
The telemetry technician will at all times be kind and courteous to fellow peers, treating each member of the team with respect.