Our Mission & Team

The primary purpose of the NTA® is to promote and enhance consumer health and safety by establishing and maintaining high standards of professional practice excellence through certification and renewal for telemetry technicians who maintain lead monitoring of cardiac rhythms for acutely- and critically-ill patients in ICU, CCU or Step Down Units.

Nancy L. Kimmel RN, PhD,MSN,FNP-BC

Program Coordinator

We Are a Member of the Institute For Credentialing Excellence and CAPCE Certified

Nurses and medical personnel throughout the world can now take advantage of the international accreditation in cardiac arrhythmia interpretation.

  • The benefits of the international accreditation have far-reaching results.
  • Facilities in countries with advanced medical technology can now certify their staff.
  • Employers can feel confident that their team has the necessary knowledge to perform its job duties safely and with competence.
  • Facilities can measure themselves against international performance and standards.

It is very important to remember that medical standards vary around the world, and the practice of international accreditation is fairly new. As more patients travel abroad for health care, the competition among the health care providers is becoming fiercer. Many leading medical tourism facilities continuously improve their standards of high-tech equipment, patient care, services and safety. Recognition from internationally-recognized health care evaluators is an important factor in differentiating oneself from the competitors.


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