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By 2030, more than 8 million people could experience heart failure. With medical advances, people are surviving heart attacks more and more. Unfortunately, these patients face a higher heart failure risk afterward as a result.

In fact, the number of adults living with heart failure has increased from 5.7 million to 6.5 million. Cardiovascular diseases are still one of the most common causes of death in the world. 

Taking telemetry courses could help you assist these patients.

About 790,000 people in the US have heart attacks each year. Of those, about 114,000 will die. Earning your telemetry certification will allow you to take a real-time image of a patient’s heart.

You can assess their medical health and needs to ensure they begin treatment.

On the fence about taking this career path? Here are seven benefits of taking telemetry courses to consider first. After reading this guide, you can make a more informed decision with your future in mind.

Read on to discover the benefits of gaining your telemetry certification today. 

1. Become the Doctor’s Right Hand

After taking your telemetry courses, you can get a job as a cardiac monitor technician. You can step in as the doctor’s right hand. Your job will help doctors make more informed decisions about every diagnosis.

You’ll play a part in saving a patient’s life.

Without telemetry career training, the patient won’t receive the cardiology tests they need. The doctor won’t have the necessary imagery to detect artifacts or arrhythmias. 

If you want to help save lives, consider becoming a telemetry technician. You can work in different environments to help patients around the world. For example, you might consider working in a:

  • Hospital
  • Private practice
  • Clinical facility

As a telemetry nurse, you’re responsible for tracking and monitoring a patient’s vital signs, too. You’ll use an electrocardiogram and other tools to assess their heart health.

Telemetry can help patients with a range of conditions. For example, you might help patients with diabetes, cardiac failure, or even neurological conditions.

It’s important to note that a career in telemetry is fast-paced. You’ll help many different patients each day. Since the job is demanding, you’ll never experience a boring day at the job.

Your career training will allow you to help patients, save lives, and meet someone new every day. 

2. New Job Opportunities

The job market in the healthcare industry could grow by 15% between 2019 and 2029. About 2.4 million new jobs will emerge as a result. Earning your telemetry certification could help you prepare for new job opportunities.

Meanwhile, you can feel at ease knowing you have job security.

Taking online telemetry courses could help you become a more competitive job applicant, too. Potential employers will consider the certifications you have. They’ll look for applicants with recent career training as well.

After completing your medical training, you can get the job of your dreams with ease!

3. Help Patients in Need

As a telemetry nurse, you’ll have the chance to help patients in need.

Your training will help you answer their questions. Meanwhile, patients won’t have to wonder about their condition anymore. You can help assist the doctor to ensure the patient finally receives a diagnosis.

Your job can give patients peace of mind. They can finally start treatment, improving their longevity and quality of life. Not having answers, on the other hand, might put more stress on the patient’s heart.

The answers you provide could put them at ease both mentally and physically. 

4. Prepare for Emergencies

Earning your telemetry certification will also help you prepare for emergencies. For example, you might consider getting a job in an intensive care unit. Perhaps you’re interested in working in the emergency room instead.

Working in these environments requires a fast-paced work ethic. You’ll need to respond quickly to help patients.

You’ll never have to feel bored while on the job. 

5. Earn More

Gaining a telemetry certification can help increase your earning potential.

In fact, telemetry nurses in the US can earn an hourly rate of $25 to $48. There’s also the potential to earn $52k to $100k a year.

Your rate will vary based on your years of experience, location, and employer. 

Think of medical training as an investment in yourself. Training involves a low education investment. You won’t have to worry about falling into debt.

Instead, you can earn your certification and start making more as a medical professional.

6. Continue Your Education

The medical field is continuing to grow and expand every day. Taking telemetry courses will allow you to continue your education. You can keep learning about new trends, research, and techniques.

Remaining up-to-date will allow you to gain new job opportunities. You can gain a competitive edge as an applicant, too.

Meanwhile, you’ll never grow bored. There’s always something new to learn!

7. It’s Easy

One of the great benefits of taking telemetry courses is it’s easy to get started.

You won’t have to spend months of time-consuming, exhausting, or tedious work to earn your telemetry certification. Instead, you can get started online today. You can earn your certification quickly, allowing you to get started immediately.

You can even earn your certification based on your own schedule. 

Since you have control over your schedule, your telemetry courses won’t impact your daily life. You can take care of your family and work while earning a certificate.

Consider earning your certification while completing on-the-job career training. You can learn from other experienced professionals around you. Their experience and expertise could help as you earn your certification.

It’s also easy to renew your credentials over the years.

Without up-to-date credentials, you could work with outdated information. You’ll need to keep up with new technologies and trends. 

Renewing your credentials online will ensure you’re always able to help patients in need. 

Make Career Moves: 7 Reasons to Start taking Telemetry Courses Today

Make a career move this year! Consider taking online telemetry courses and discover new job opportunities. With your telemetry certification, you can make yourself a more desirable applicant. 

You can start on a new career path and begin experiencing job satisfaction! 

Interested in earning your telemetry certification? We can help. 

Register today to start your training. 

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