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Have you always dreamed of saving lives and having a career that makes a difference but you can’t afford or don’t have the time for medical school? Or, perhaps you have a nursing career already and you want to take the next step in your career advancement. Telemetry nursing is a challenging yet extremely rewarding job that requires a lot of knowledge and dedication.

Due to the high demand for telemetry nurses, there are a lot of job opportunities and guaranteed job security. Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out why telemetry nursing is an amazing career option.

1. You Can Work in Different Places

The most common environment for a telemetry nurse is a hospital in the telemetry unit or the ICU. However, you have a range of other options for employment if you’re looking for something different.

You can find work in home healthcare, long-term care, nursing homes, and outpatient surgery centers.

2. There’s Flexibility

You can choose to work as a full-time employee or an independent contractor. When you choose to work as an independent contractor you can call the shots about your employment. You have more flexibility and more free time if you so choose.

If you’d like independence and to travel, you can choose a travel assignment in a telemetry unit. You’ll perform the exact same duties as in a permanent position yet with higher compensation. You’ll also have the freedom to choose how long you want to stay on assignment in a specific place.

There is usually a minimum assignment length, for instance, 12 weeks. But if you like a hospital or clinic and want to stick around, you have the freedom to do so.

3. Good Monetary Compensation

There is a huge demand for telemetry nurses as they are not very common. In addition, you need extensive qualifications and technological skills. Because of all this, the salary for a telemetry nurse is usually much higher than all other nursing positions.

In the United States, the annual telemetry nursing salary is $109,061.This is a decent salary for a relatively low educational investment. Medical health benefits are usually part of the compensation package too.

4. Job Security

Telemetry nursing is not for everyone. You will work in a challenging environment monitoring vital signs and heart conditions.

Due to the scarcity of telemetry nurses, there are plenty of job opportunities. If you have a telemetry certification you can rest easy knowing that you’ll always have a job.

You’ll also have a pick of any position. If you want a travel position, you’ll find one easily, and if you want a permanent position then that will be available to you too.

5. Job Satisfaction

Your work as a telemetry nurse is so important for your patients. The cardiac patient interaction is very impactful. On a daily basis, you need to provide one-to-one patient interaction and nurture. With patients vastly outnumbering nurses, it’s not an easy job but if you do it properly, it’s incredibly rewarding.

Your technical responsibilities are great, but so are your nurturing responsibilities. Every action and decision you make has a huge impact on your patient’s lives. Needless to say, this is a very satisfying job, to know that you are a vital part of saving so many lives.

You’ll need to monitor vital signs and heart rhythm, alongside other things as a cardiac diagnosis usually accompanies other diagnoses too.

6. You Can Get Certified Online

The cherry on top? You can get your dream career certification online. This means that telemetry nursing is easily within reach. You don’t need to commit to full-time studying and you can receive your certification quickly.

You’ll find telemetry training materials, study guides, and exams — all of which you can do online. If you’ve got a busy life, a family to care for, or a demanding job, there’s still the opportunity to choose a career in telemetry nursing.

7. Opportunity for Nursing and Education Advancements

Your career, learning, and opportunities do not stop with a telemetry certification. Career advancement and job training opportunities are very much within reach. You’ll find that many of the hospitals and clinics that you work for will offer job training programs.

You’ll constantly have the chance to add more skills to your repertoire, more experience and size credential opportunities.

The telemetry unit is extremely challenging, and will constantly be a learning curve as you adapt to the vast amount of knowledge required to perform the job well.

8. Emergency Response Preparation

Having telemetry certifications and experience in the telemetry unit will set you up for moving into the Emergency Response (ER) units. If this is something you’ve always dreamed of, then the knowledge you learn through telemetry nursing is invaluable. It’s an excellent stepping stone to the ER unit.

Many of the people who come through the doors of the ER are cardiac complications, which telemetry nurses are perfectly set up to handle. Critical drops, EKG, and cardiac markers are all important skills for the ER that you will learn and do in the telemetry unit.

In addition, nurses in the telemetry unit gain important time management and prioritization skills that are crucial in the ER department.

Start Your Telemetry Nursing Career Now

Wow, telemetry nursing sounds like the dream career, doesn’t it? A challenging and rewarding job in the medical field with exciting job opportunities, flexibility, and excellent compensation. A career in telemetry nursing will be satisfying and set you up for an incredible medical career.

If you’re ready to start your telemetry nursing career? Register for an online certification today and start preparing for the rest of your life in this amazing profession.

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