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Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that technical occupation in the cardiovascular field is expected to rise by 24% from 2014 to 2024. With the ever increase in the aging population, the need for telemetry technicians continues to grow.

All hospitals can have a few telemetry technicians. That’s if they train the low-level aides to perform the basic EKGs. As a certified EKG technician, you can seek part-time or full-time employment in an industry that’s in demand and highly flexible.

If you’re looking to start or continue with a career in the healthcare sector, there are different reasons why you should be a telemetry technician. Here are a few you should know.

1. Endurance and Mental Strength

A telemetry medical career provides you with the perfect opportunity to help people, but you should understand that not all people are the same. As a technician, you need to have the endurance and strength to handle what comes your way decisively.

While it’s essential to have technology and monitor skillset, it’s an added advantage if you can read your patients’ thoughts. There’s a lot that goes through your patient’s mind. That’s why repetition of diagnosis or instruction is something you can’t overlook.

Sometimes, lifting a patient’s body to stand up or sit is necessary for instances where a physician, nurse, or caregiver assistant isn’t available. As a technician, you should anticipate what your patient may be thinking. You’re bound to see tough cases during the day, but you should hope for the best with your patient’s health.

In the event of death, you should allow your mind to stay focused. Mental strength will help your patients, co-workers, and family that rely on you. Many patients expect a warm, friendly environment, and you should expect to have a sense of fulfillment as a caregiver.

It may be necessary to set firm boundaries with patients. However, you should follow your organization’s code of ethics if you aren’t sure about a particular situation. Alternatively, seek clearance from the human resource department.

2. A Telemetry Technician Helps Save Lives

Thanks to their expertise in cardiac monitoring, telemetry technicians assist cardiac patients when it matters. The profession demands the technicians to monitor and maintain heart rhythms using electrocardiographic equipment’s. This can prevent any unusual cardiac occurrences from happening.

Thanks to their expertise in cardiac monitoring, telemetry technicians assist cardiac patients when it matters. ECG technicians work twice as hard to give the patients the best care possible. While many technicians are conversant with the basic concepts provided by the hospitals, the driven cardiac professionals seek out additional training.

Nurses in the field have the option to advance telemetry training to assist the physicians to exceed the departmental demands effectively.

3. Tough Learning Curve Prepares You for Career Development

As a technician, you should identify any unusual heart rhythms. Take note of significant changes in cardiac baseline — changes that may indicate heart disease or cardiac trouble, which requires unique treatment.

This profession requires constant learning. So, you’ll always keep advancing your monitoring skills. You’ll constantly be surrounded by administration staff, patients, and nurses, and you’re going to learn from everyone.

The profession demands you to go above and beyond your call of duty, which means that you should be ready to keep learning. Your learning curve isn’t easy, but if you pay attention to the big picture and stay the course, you’ll succeed.

4. Growing Job Market

Just like most jobs in the healthcare industry, the EKG technician market is growing at a fast pace. Given the demand for the skills and the strength of the job market, you should explore the market and gauge whether you can solidify your place with your peers.

Job stability is essential in today’s economic climate, and this career field provides just that. Cardiovascular disease is considered a leading cause of premature death in the United States. This means that you’ll have less trouble getting employed once you’ve finished training courses in a medical institution.

5. Career Permanence and Stability

When you become an EKG technician, you don’t have to worry about career permanence and stability. Unlike most industries, the healthcare field shows future advancements and growth. As a telemetry technician, you can always find medical clinics and hospitals that offer better competitive salaries with other benefits.

6. A Shorter Training Period

Your training as an EKG technician takes a short training period. Once you’re through with high school and register to start your training as an EKG technician, you’ll realize that the training period for the EKG courses is relatively shorter. The normal telemetry training program takes between 6 months to 1 year.

Within that short period, you’ll be taught everything you need to know to handle your responsibilities as an EKG technician. Once you’re done with your training, your role will be to take care of patients and examine their hearts.

Your duty as a technician is vital for the well-being of your patients. You’ve got to be very professional and proficient when working in hospitals.

To stand out from other technicians, you should learn how to use different medical equipment’s under pressure but still keep yourself and your patient calm. This can only happen if you join a training program.

Here’s Why You Should Take a Telemetry Job

The telemetry job is demanding but rewarding too. Going through every day like it’s the last is a rewarding and humble way to look at life. If you’re planning to work as a telemetry technician, you should aim to help others, make a difference, and save lives. As you undertake your duties, you’ll be advancing your career and have a better chance of employment in the future.

Your primary duty as a technician is to analyze heart conditions and assist the physician in carrying out tests. This helps you gain practical experience and polish your skills.

Are you looking to take a career as a telemetry technician? Contact us today, and we will help you every step of the way.

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