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To retain their certification and authority to practice medicine, medical professionals know they have to have continuing education credits completed regularly. Life can get in the way, and before you know it, you find yourself with just a few months left and the need to complete your continuing education. 

What do you do when you’re under the gun for your CE courses and have little time to complete them? 

You look for a go-at-your-pace, online option from a valid source. You can even look at some new options that will catapult your nursing career into something brand new, like telemetry certification. 

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you will understand a whole new way to garner your CE credits and jump into a new field of nursing. 

What Is Telemetry Certification? 

Telemetry monitoring is the practice of reading and understanding electrocardiographic monitors. Thus, when you receive telemetry certification, you are officially certified to read an EKG monitor. 

Such certification makes you an asset in the medical profession because you’re able to interpret the data for those patients at high risk of a cardiac event. The heart is an intricate organ. Thus, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff need the skills to read an EKG monitor so they can best care for a patient with a heart problem. 

Medical professionals with telemetry certification also learn about normal heart rhythms and the things they can perform should a heart become arrhythmic. When you have the proper training and certification, you can work with confidence when caring for cardiac patients. 

Take Online CE Courses

If you’re interested in furthering your education and using your CE requirements to dip into a new field, telemetry is a great option. You can begin by exploring online telemetry courses

If you want to get your credit done at your own pace and in a private, safe environment, look into online classes. Taking classes in a large facility with shoulder-to-shoulder students presents its challenges. 

Plus, you can fit online telemetry classes in on your schedule. You can also supplement your training with in-person training so you have some face-to-face instruction. 

As you’re gaining your certification online, you can continue to work and care for your family. Your classes will not impact your daily schedule because you can fit them in around that schedule. 

Spend Time With People

A job in telemetry is a great option if you enjoy working with different people. If you’re currently in a medical profession that keeps you in a lab or completing paperwork away from patients, telemetry can change your daily duties. 

When you work in telemetry, you can choose to work in private practice, hospital, or clinic. You work closely with patients to monitor their vital signs by using machines such as electrocardiograms. As you’re working with your patient, you assess the condition of their heart. 

In short, you make a difference directly because of how you work with patients. 

Work In a Fast-Paced Environment

If you enjoy the excitement of a fast-paced environment and you do well at making decisions quickly, you will enjoy a career in telemetry nursing. You will face challenges daily that require you to make quick decisions that will directly impact your patient. 

Some nurses enjoy this challenge, especially if they feel like their current nursing career has plateaued. With telemetry, each patient presents a new challenge. Best of all, you have the chance to save lives by providing excellent medical care to patients when they need it the most. 

Enjoy Personal Growth

Working telemetry will also push you on a professional and personal level. You will gain medical experience by forcing yourself to stay up to date on medical advancements in telemetry. You’ll learn about new techniques and stay ahead of the education curve that you were trying to catch up to in the past. 

If your clinic offers on-the-job training, take advantage of it. This will make gaining telemetry certification even easier. It will also make you more employable in the telemetry field. 

As you’re learning new techniques, you’ll easily fulfill your CE credits and renew your credentials, all while advancing your career. 

Make More Money 

While nursing provides an adequate salary, you can receive even more compensation by advancing your career into telemetry. Telemetry nurses on average make $32.47 an hour. Your location as well as your experience help determine your final salary. 

Earning your telemetry certification will cost you some time but not much money. Plus, if you’re already working as a nurse, you can get more hands-on medical experience with telemetry as you’re taking classes. Ultimately, the money you pay for telemetry certification and training will pay back quickly with your increased pay. 

Be Prepared and At Peace

There’s nothing more terrifying than when a patient is in distress and you cannot help them. Telemetry courses will prepare you for such an emergency. You will be qualified to work in a critical care unit and the emergency room once you’ve received your telemetry certification.

Such an education will give you peace of mind, no matter what medical situation you’re entering. You’ll have the education, knowledge, and experience to handle a crisis and diagnose a patient intelligently. 

As a result, you can administer the right treatment to a patient in distress right away. Such knowledge will help you sleep better at night, knowing you’ve done all that you can to care well for your patients. 

Advanced Yourself

Mandatory CE Courses serve as an opportunity to stay up to date regarding the latest medical techniques. They also allow medical professionals to boost their careers and learn a new field. You can better serve your patients by taking CE courses which lead you toward telemetry certification. 

This is not a brand new path but a path that makes you more valuable as a medical professional. You’ll learn something new, make more money, and have the skills to better care for your patients. 

Are you interested in a career in telemetry? If so, check out our services. We prepare students for the telemetry exam and will ultimately help you boost your career. 

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