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According to the American Heart Association’s Heart Disease and Stroke update, the number of people diagnosed with heart failure is increased. The number of heart failure patients is projected to rise by 46% by 2030. As a telemetry nurse, you can help these patients. Curious about earning your telemetry certification?

Telemetry provides a “real-time” picture of the heart’s electrical conductivity. As a telemetry nurse, you’ll work with cardiac patients who have serious conditions. Your work will help assess their medical status so these patients can receive the help they need.

Your assessment could save a life.

If you’re on the fence about receiving your telemetry certification, keep reading! These seven benefits of working in telemetry could change not only your career, but your life.

1. Patient Interaction

Telemetry nurses work in hospitals, clinical facilities, and private practices around the world. As a telemetry nurse, it’s your job to monitor the patient’s vital signs. You’ll use life sign-measuring devices such as an electrocardiogram to assess the patient’s heart.

Telemetry nurses treat everything from gastrointestinal diseases to heart conditions like cardiac failure. You might also assist patients with neurological problems or diabetes.

Most of these patients are geriatric, so they often appreciate your help all the more.

However, telemetry isn’t for everyone. This career is fast-paced and often challenging. You’ll work in a stressful environment that requires you to think on your feet.

For many nurses, feeling challenged every day is part of the reward. By earning your telemetry certification, you’ll never experience a boring day. Instead, you’ll get to interact with patients, nurture them, and make a big difference in their care.

Your work as a telemetry work will matter, not only to you, but also to the patients you care for.

Many telemetry nurses provide one-on-one patient care. As a result, these nurses experience job satisfaction they can’t find anywhere else.

As a telemetry nurse, you’ll get to save lives, work with amazing people, and provide amazing care every day.

2. Available Online

Some certification courses require months of tedious work. Trying to schedule in the time to earn your certification can feel exhausting. The process for earning your telemetry certification, however, is far easier.

In fact, earning your certification is practically immediate.

There are a number of online certifications available. That way, you can earn your certification on your own time. These certifications can also complement on-the-job training you can receive daily.

There are also study guides, training materials, and exams available online for your telemetry certification as well. You can even earn an advanced certification. The best part is, it’s up to you!

With online certification available, you can earn your certification between working and taking care of your family. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the field within a short amount of time. In other words, earning your certification won’t impact your day-to-day life.

3. Easily Renew Credentials

Renewal opportunities are available online as well.

If your credentials are out-of-date, you can’t perform your job requirements. In order to keep up with your trade, you’ll need to renew your credentials regularly.

While the job often feels challenging, renewing your credentials won’t feel like a hassle. Instead, you can make sure your telemetry certification is up-to-date so you can get back to work!

4. Advancements

The medical field undergoes advancements every day. By renewing your telemetry certification, you’re also making sure you’re up-to-date with the latest techniques. Otherwise, you’re falling behind, which could cause your career to lag as well.

Instead, earning and updating your telemetry certification can help you advance in your career.

Many hospitals and clinics offer on-the-job training. You can earn your nursing credentials without spending countless years achieving the necessary requirements in medical school. Instead, you can get working and excel in your career.

As a telemetry nurse, you’ll need amazing time management skills and compassion. Balancing the two might sound difficult, but learning this skill can make you a better nurse.

Many people find telemetry difficult because you’re learning and balancing a lot.

However, many nurses find this a benefit. You’ll never stop learning. Instead, you can continuously improve yourself, advance your career, and provide patients with the best possible care.

5. Emergency Response Prep

Many telemetry nurses make a decision to explore the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit departments. Having telemetry experience under your belt will prepare you for emergency response responsibilities.

However, your success depends on your commitment to your work.

Many nurses find it more difficult to transition into the ER without the fast-paced experience telemetry provides. Patients are often triaged from the ER experience cardiac complications. A telemetry nurse will need to know how to respond quickly to do their job and respond to emergencies.

Many telemetry nurses who work in the ER or ICU balance a number of responsibilities, including:

  • Critical drips
  • Cardiac markers
  • Telemetry monitoring
  • EKG
  • Blood administration

As mentioned before, there’s never a boring day working as a telemetry nurse!

6. Compensation Package

According to this report, U.S. telemetry nurses earn up to $45.70 an hour. The average hourly pay for a telemetry nurse is $30.89. The total annual pay you could receive as a telemetry nurse is between $50,756 and $97,537.

Receiving your telemetry certification requires fairly low educational investment. Instead of falling into debt, you can start working quickly. As demand for telemetry nurses increases, you’ll also pay off the investment you make on your education.

You’ll experience a number of rewarding benefits after earning your telemetry certification. With the number of patients diagnosed with heart failure increasing, you’ll also have long-term job security.

7. Give Your Patients Peace of Mind

As a telemetry nurse, you’ll position yourself to provide patients with peace of mind.

Not knowing our own medical state can feel daunting. With your telemetry certification, you’ll uncover medical mysteries and provide patients with the answers they need. Instead of worrying about their health, your patients can seek immediate treatment.

Paging The Telemetry Nurse: 7 Benefits of Acquiring a Telemetry Certification

As a telemetry nurse, you can set yourself up for an amazing career in the medical career. Earn your telemetry certification today to start experiencing these benefits firsthand!

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