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Health Certifications Are Within Reach!

Top health certifications are worth achieving if you’re seeking career advancement and solid compensation.

Whether you’re in the healthcare industry on the hospital unit floor, at a health clinic, or behind a telemetry monitor, getting certified may be worth your time in 2018.

Health certification programs are typically ranked based on the starting median salary, but it’s important to take a look at the 2018 edition of online certifications. These adaptable certifications rate ‘top’ based on flexibility and quality of program.


Top 10 Online Health Certifications In 2018:


1. Clinical Healthcare Research Management Certification

Upon successful completion of this certification program, you can pursue a healthcare career in clinical research.

Usually within the management capacity, job duties of a Clinical Research Manager include monitoring data, ensuring department fiscal responsibility, and providing proper research and training protocol for all members of their research team.

A Clinical Healthcare Research Management certification will allow you to monitor data and implement training protocols. This certification provides a solid career path for healthcare professionals that have prior management within the field.


Health Certifications

2. Nursing Certification

Whether you’re a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN), you can chose to become certified through professional associations in certain specialties, such as telemetry.

Online certification is voluntary, however, most advanced positions benefit from these specialities. Approved certifications for Nursing Specialists are available based on what healthcare area you want to practice in.

Telemetry Nurses monitor important health vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate, and heart rhythm. With special telemetry equipment, a Nurse Specialist can interpret data for high-risk or critically ill patients, or patients recently discharged from ICU.

Most Telemetry Nurse Specialists achieve international accreditation to differentiate themselves by opening up more possibility to work in different locations.


3. Surgical Technology Certification

A surgery certification qualifies you to pursue a career as a Surgical Technician.

A Surgical Technician assists surgeons and other types of medical professionals in hospital operating rooms or health clinics. You’ll prepare patients, operating rooms, and operating equipment for surgical procedures and ensure that surgeons have proper equipment on hand.


Health Certifications

4. Healthcare Management Certification

A Healthcare Management Certificate will allow you to pursue a career in healthcare management.

Healthcare Managers plan and coordinate healthcare services in hospitals and clinics. You’ll oversee specific departments or entire healthcare facilities, as well as make certain patients receive adequate care. Healthcare Managers are hired by both public and private healthcare providing facilities.


5. Medical Records Coder Certification

With a Medical Records Coder certification, you can pursue a healthcare career as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist.

Job duties span from translating operations, diagnosis, and equipment usage. You’ll code a variety of patient healthcare services into an “alphanumerical” code, so that the patient’s healthcare insurance provider is appropriately billed.


“Year after year, no sector has grown faster than healthcare. Detroit is home to a wide range of healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, insurers and laboratories. The Detroit Medical Center and St. John’s Hospital & Medical Center (Ascension Health) both have positions available today.”, Healthcare Jobs


6. Cardiac Care Technician Certification

This certification allows you to pursue a career as a Cardiac Care Technician, assisting physicians by diagnosing and treating heart or blood vessel problems.

Responsible for taking images of your patient’s heart and peripheral blood vessels through invasive and noninvasive procedures, Cardiac Care Technicians are usually employed by larger hospitals that commonly perform procedures such as catheterization, balloon angioplasty, or ultrasound equipment.


7. Phlebotomy Career Training Certification

According to, this Phlebotomy Career Training Course certification is deemed as one of the best in the nation.

Responsible for helping put thousands of graduates to work in local hospitals and health care centers throughout Michigan and the entire U.S., National Telemetry Association offers their nod to reputable phlebotomy certifications.

Upon completion of a 2018 Phlebotomy Career Training Certification, you’ll be able to enter the local job market. You can pursue a fast paced healthcare field as a Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Technician, EKG Technician, or another medical related field that doesn’t require a degree.

Set apart from the other licensed proprietary schools because of the high quality education, a respectable phlebotomy career training program has the dedication of instructors that hold credentials such as PhD, MD, BSN, MSN or MSN-FNP, as well as extensive university or clinical teaching experience.


“There are jobs out there, especially in healthcare. And, there’s training available if you want to switch careers.” —Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan: State of the City, Detroit Free Press


Health Certifications

 8. Pharmacy Technician Certification

If you are certified as a  Pharmacy Technician, you’ll be an assistant to a licensed Pharmacist. Your job responsibilities consist of pharmacy-related duties, such as pharmacy administrative, bookkeeping, inventory control, and assisting in filling your customer’s pharmaceutical orders.


9. Interactive Telemetry Course and National Certification

This interactive, online telemetry course is interactive and self-paced. A perfect option for medical professionals who don’t have experience in telemetry, you can now solidify your knowledge in the field, while also building a National Telemetry Association certification foundation.

You’ll be inspired to read and interpret cardiac monitors, and teach you the skills needed to thrive in the telemetry field. If you’re ready to start a new career in telemetry, or would like to build up your credentials in efforts of a promotion. It’s advised to complete the national exam at the close of this course.


10. Continuing Education (CE) Telemetry Certification

Several healthcare workers realize the need for telemetry training in their medical career. These certifications fulfill mandatory CE credits and add advanced skills to a professional repertoire.

Telemetry Specialists, whether they’re Telemetry Technicians or Telemetry Nurses care for patients that are at high risk for complications. Your telemetry patients require constant monitoring.

By obtaining a telemetry certification for continuing education for renewal, you’ll be knowledgeable to work on specialized telemetry equipment—recognizing dangerous patient trends in their vital signs through examining changes in blood pressure and heart rate.

Telemetry certification will also allow you to establish that you have the skills, and are up-to-date on telemetry best practices, providing quality care to your patients. You’ll be deemed eligible to receive greater job opportunities like higher pay and more responsibility.

Health Certifications

Is A Healthcare Certification For You?


The healthcare system seems to offer affordable, time efficient online certifications that are advancing careers—especially in the telemetry arena.

Many Telemetry Technicians even go further and study to become a Telemetry Nurse Specialist as well. What’s more, advanced certification, renewals, and additional education is in reach today, both online—and on the job training.

It’s 2018! Are you interested in becoming certified in the healthcare industry? Contact National Telemetry Association: Click here to view exam packages available!

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