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What’s The Best Things About Being A Nurse? YOU!


Nurses: You are the best thing in healthcare. The best things about being a nurse is that you’re in a job that matters to the wellbeing of human beings.

You care for your patients and you’re needed in the field. You love your profession and you’re the “hands and feet” of the healthcare industry.

You’re not in another dead end job.



Be A Nurse: It’s The Best


Nurses who live by the bedside of their patients are selfless and proud to do their job well.


Five Best Things About Being A Nurses


1. Patients

Nurse practitioners spend years at the bedside of their patients. Nurses go the extra mile to help people—it’s your patients that make each day great.


“Each patient matters. We’re address a live human being. Our patients are people with life challenges and families. Our patients have thoughts and opinions. Their spiritual beliefs must be honored.” —Julie J.E.


You may be attracted to the profession demand, the care of patients, or your meaningful work. Several mid-career workers, including men nurses, are giving nursing a closer look.




Many professionals in varying occupations seek out nursing as a second career. Your patients may be the top reason for making the switch.


“I am thinking of going back to school to become an RN. My wife is an RN, and like most nurses, she work hard and has her bad days. She also has rewarding days to go along with a decent salary and a stable job.” —Ned N.,


2. High Demand

Healthcare is in demand. Medical necessity is inevitable. We’ll all need medical attention at some point in their lives. Severe sickness or mild medical conditions alike need healthcare professionals. We rely on nurses to take care of us.


St. John’s Hospital & Medical Center (Ascension Health) and The Detroit Medical Center have in-demand healthcare jobs!”, Healthcare Jobs


Nurses have the opportunity to provide high quality, specialized care to patients. What better reason to be a nurse? We love nurses.



An Upward Spike In Nursing


3. Career Growth And Opportunity Expansion

Being a nurse has job stability. The nursing job market is on an upward spike. Your chances for career growth has proven promising. There’s an expansion of advancement opportunity for management positions too. Specialized areas like telemetry have been rewarding. Telemetry Nurse Specialists have career advancement success.


“Nurses have traditionally considered the progression from staff nurse to charge nurse to head nurse to director of nursing as the only career path. That paradigm doesn’t apply anymore, with so many settings and job descriptions from which to choose.”


Start your healthcare career and continue advancing with renewal options too. Online options provide you the chance to enhance your resume and grow your selected career.




4. Personal Development

Many hospitals or medical clinics provide ongoing on-the-job training to keep you knowledgeable and current with industry trends. Nurses learn firsthand from surrounding physicians, team units, and patients.

Nurses possess empathy, compassion, and love for what they do.


“I love being a nurse. I practice medicine to understand the individual needs of each person by applying best medical practice. Nursing captures the best of true traditional medicine.” —Julie J.E.


Be a nurse and you’ll find yourself. Your personal development skills improve as you gain the ability to respond appropriately to each and every unique situation.

YOU make a difference in every person you treat and care for that day.


Spend More Time Helping People


Nurse professionals reach quality credentials fast. With only a year or two education investment, you can complete your education. Quality, yet streamlined online certifications are available at a low cost. Many nurses advance their existing nursing roles just by enrolling in additional courses online.

Starting out, you’ll be well on your way to making good money in the nursing field.  In fact, High paying healthcare jobs often only require a certification.


5. Job Stability

The market is growing and healthcare is here to stay. Telemetry Nurse Specialists provide individualized, patient-centered health care for all populations.

Job security, technical advancement, and specialized healthcare sectors seem to be the go to position for job satisfaction. Nurses earn an attractive living with little time investment.

There are many national nursing jobs available.




What’s YOUR Best Reason To Be A Nurse? Choice!


If you’re already or nurse, or you’re in search of a new career, being a nurse might be a sound decision. Of all the many reasons for being a nurse, it’s time to find the best reason for YOU.


“Nursing caught my interest. I know it’s hard and stressful and can’t picture myself at a 9-5 at a desk for the rest of my life.” —Eileen R.


Make A Choice To Be A Nurse


Here’s one good reason to be a nurse—choice. Nursing: your choice and three promising words: Telemetry Nurse Specialist!

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