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Telemetry Nursing: A Good Job Outlook

When time matters, Cardiac Physicians and Surgeons rely on the technicians to be onsite, working alongside of them, to see things on the screen prior and to continue to monitor patients with them. This occupation is in high demand because it gives aspiring Nurses an opportunity to work firsthand with cardiac medical teams.

The United States reports that one(1) in every four (4) deaths are caused by heart disease. With 610,000 people dying every year due to this disease, more help is needed for cardiac patients. In return, medical and healthcare demandsin staff continue to rise in the United States. Because of these numbers, the job outlook for telemetry is a good place to start a great career.

Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians, including Vascular Technicians are usually employed full time. Some work in hospitals, others in physician offices or medical/diagnostic laboratories. Some Technicians require an associate degree or postsecondary certificate.

Advanced professional certifications allow telemetry nursing salary levels to soar. Nurses/RN Nurses often seek out additional certifications to highlight on resumes in order to earn negotiating power in their current position.

Cardiac Patients Are Being Helped Because Of Telemetry Nurses And Technicians

There are so many times when a patient does not have proper care. Thanks to the growing field of telemetry, more cardiac patients are being treated. Because of careful monitoring with enough technicians and staff to assist nurses and physicians when seconds count, more lives are being saved due to advancements in technology and more interest in the occupation.

Telemetry Nurses Are Advancing In Their Industry

Telemetry Technicians play a large role in saving lives, they’re earning a decent living while doing so.

With close to $27 per hour on average, this occupation has earning potential to reach salaries within higher ranges of $73-$89K.

Salaries depend upon number of years experience and advanced training and education. Starting out, a Telemetry Technician earns an average wage of $13.89 per hour. Professionals in this category generally don’t have more than 20 years’ experience.

In 2016, according to The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statisticseven the lower percentile—10-25% of Cardiac Technicians—report earning $14-$18. The median annual wage for Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians was $55,570, with diagnostic medical Sonographers at $69,650.

On the job training, increased experience, and specialized online certifications are allowing Telemetry Technicians ways to find their dream job. Many certified technicians have relinquished their current jobs for an opportunity to work in medical and surgical hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, or outpatient care centers to make a difference in cardiac care technology.

Salary And Job Responsibilities

An EKG machine detects the electrical impulses transmitted by the heart. The impulses are displayed on a paper-tracing or monitor screen, which is monitored by the Telemetry Technician. Doctors and Nurses base their treatment on these heart rhythms, so accuracy is essential.

“I got into nursing because I wanted to help people. But, my hospital expects more from Nurses entering our career field, I needed to stay ahead of the game.” Sally Smith, Telemetry Nurse, West Virginia. “Advanced certification was the only way I could get a jump start on the competition. Online options worked best for my busy work and family life.”

Companies that hire Telemetry Nursing professions have indicated that employers such as Kaiser in Fort Lauderdale, Florida bring a positive light to working in the industry. Company perks and handsome benefits are a large part of recruiting for Telemetry Nurses entering the field.

“I’ve been working for Group Health Sales for a couple years and can’t say that I’ve ever been happier with any other employer. It’s a very caring organization from the top down…New opportunities and enhancements for members and employees seem to be on the horizon.” —Kaiser Permanente Sales, Seattle, WA

“Kaisers benefits package is exceptional, which is why most employees become ‘lifers.’ The culture is one that fosters collaboration and teamwork.” —Kaiser Permanente Project Manager, Fontana, CA

Career Outlooks Vary Depending On State

While employment and wages vary by state for Telemetry Technicians, advanced professional certifications can be acquired online in the convenience of your home which accommodates busy work and family schedules.

Advancements in online certification technology make the Telemetry Nursing career outlook good, with potential salary increases from acquiring vital credentials. Thanks to reputable organizations that specialize in offering online certifications—reaching a national and international scope—you can explore attractive job opportunities by area.

States with the highest employment of Cardiac Technicians:

  • Texas
  • Florida
  • California
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania

With close to 8,300 job postings on, Telemetry Technicians are exponentially growing in demand. Starting salary estimates range from $11-$17 per hour, however, average yearly salaries can exceed $56K, depending upon geographic area and individual company requirements. These numbers are based on 48 anonymous salary, bonus, and wage reports submitted by Telemetry Technician employees around the country. However, personal perseverance needs to be taken into account also.

Telemetry Nurses earn $23-51 on average. A Medical Surgical Telemetry Registered Nurse Contractor position was recently posted at the Cleveland Clinic for $48-$52K and Mills-Peninsula Health Services is seeking a Cardiac Telemetry Tcu Staff Nurse Specialist for an hourly rate of approximately $74-$81.

Telemetry Technicians Help Nurses Succeed

Telemetry Technicians assist nursing department by monitoring patient cardiac rhythms. This position ensures that medical standards, policies and procedures are met and maintained in a professional manner. Technicians are active in department activities, transdisciplinary team activities, and other activities to ensure individualized, patient-centered health care for all patient populations; primarily—but not limited to—geriatric adults (65 and older).

Critical medical quality care and job demands are aligning with a deserving salary too.

Technician occupations in the cardiovascular space are projected to grow a fast 24% from 2014 to 2024. The increase in job opportunity is in part from many medical facilities opting to use ultrasound in place of costly, invasive procedures. This news provides more telemetry career opportunities year over year.

Telemetry Technicians are expected to demonstrate performance and competency skills to identify patient arrhythmias, abnormalities, or significant cardiac baseline changes. Technicians work alongside Nurses to inform and notify charge Nurses of any foreseen risk factors in the patients.

A career in telemetry is proving to be a promising endeavor for both men and women alike.

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