Top 5 States For Telemetry Technicians

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Top 5 States For Telemetry TechniciansWhere Do You Want To Live If You’re A Telemetry Technician?

The Telemetry Technician occupation is a solid career path in any area you reside in. However, there are a handful of states that you’ll want to live in if you’re a Telemetry Technician.

“Monitor” Technicians in general have a wider net of ‘technician’ like jobs posted online. In fact, the five (5) bulleted states listed below have a higher number of overall jobs listed on But, their postings range from areas of veterinarian medicine to clinical sleep.

Studies that show key states with a higher number of ‘monitor technician’ jobs might have a relative scale of incline in cardiac telemetry opportunities. But, it’s important to seek out the ratio of cardiac Telemetry Technicians and each state individually.

Meaning, the higher the overall technician jobs, might not equal the higher number of Telemetry Technician positions in the mix. (When in doubt, do your research.)

A Telemetry Career Depends On YOU—And, The State You Live In

Nonetheless, chances are better for telemetry in certain states. There are more job opportunities in some states than others.. The ideal state to live in will depend on a variety of factors; income level and advancement.

A Telemetry Technician career path will ultimately depend on you. You’ll get what you put into your telemetry job. Seek out reputable advancement opportunities, talk to professionals in the field, or dive right in. Surveys and online forums conducted from professionals in the industry are also realistic places to determine where you might want to live if your Telemetry Technician. Keep in mind, however, posts such as these are personal opinions.

Curious to examine which states which have the greatest volume of cardiac telemetry jobs—specific to Telemetry Technician positions—the five (5) states below have proven to be good areas to reside in.

Telemetry technicians are a specific type of cardiovascular technician. These technicians work to monitor heart rhythms in patients with cardiology concerns.

With respect to income level, opportunity, and national average percentages, research indicates that telemetry careers in these states are promising.

Top 5 States For Telemetry Technicians

Look Into These 5 States If You’re In Telemetry:

1. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a good place to be if you’re a Telemetry Technician, or if your interested in obtaining proper certification credentials. With a wage rate of $23.49 per hour, Telemetry Technicians salaries in Pennsylvania are up 43% above the national average. In the city of Pittsburgh, annual telemetry salaries are almost $42K, with a higher than average per hour wage.

2. Virginia

West Virginia is a great place to live if your a Telemetry Technician. With salaries reported close to $45K, Telemetry Technicians are earning 46% above the national average. The volume of opportunities and quality of living in the south is not only indicative of good health and wellness, but of a healthy savings account for Telemetry Technicians too.

“I need to go where the job takes me. I’m so glad I moved. Now I have the opportunity to advance in my career in a state that welcomes my expertise. —Beth B.

3. California

The state of California’s has a 22% higher pay rate above the national average.

According to postings on, income levels for Telemetry Technicians tend to be higher, particularly in the cardiac unit where wages range an average of *$20.02. Unit Secretaries come in at $17.65 per hour and $42.15 per hour for Echocardiologist. Currently, there are 124 Telemetry Technician jobs posted in California, with some of the positions revealing promising salary numbers and climbing upwards to $65K. If you live in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area, hourly rates are higher and overall telemetry salaries are promising.

*Salary information comes from 4,474 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 24 months. Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

Top States For Telemetry Technicians

Example technician wages by, based on provided data point report

4. Florida

There are over 500 jobs posted on in Florida. The thought that Telemetry Technicians are working with the age bracket of 65 years and older, it seems Florida has a good rating to live in if your in the telemetry field. With speculation of increased volume of  migration of seniors who tend to settle in a warmer climate, Florida might have more cardiac patients. Therefore, the need for medical care, especially in the cardiac departments seem to increase at an exponential speed as well.

5. Michigan

While you may thinking of packing your bags to head to Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, or Boca Raton, Michigan has listed a handful of recently posted Telemetry Technician positions. Because of many medical acquisitions and the continued comeback of Detroit, has seen an uptick in postings in this sector.

Other states seem to show more “new” postings in a two (2) week span, but Michigan still has plenty of room for Telemetry Technicians in cities like Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, and Troy where larger healthcare organizations reside. Overall technician jobs posted on Indeed are upwards of 334, with 48 unique Telemetry Technicians postings.

Top 5 States For Telemetry Technicians

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