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The Top Paying States For A Promising Nursing Career

The medical industry is booming! And, registered nurses are in high demand. There are many high paying states for all types of nurses. Because of human need—either illness, disease, or prevention—the healthcare system will always be in need of nurses, especially in the telemetry arena. Therefore, nursing is a promising career path across the nation.

Within our nation of 50 states, here are the top 10 paying states for registered nurses:

10. Washington (Estimated number of state RNs: 55,350)

9. New Jersey (Estimated number of state RNs: 79,400)

8. District of Columbia (Estimated number of state RNs: 10,320)

7. New York (Estimated number of state RNs: 180,730)

6. Nevada (Estimated number of state RNs: 20,250)

5. Massachusetts (Estimated number of state RNs: 20,250)

4. Alaska (Estimated number of state RNs: 5,570)

3. Oregon (Estimated number of state RNs: 35,220)

2. Hawaii (Estimated number of state RNs: 11,300)

1. California (Estimated number of state RNs: 274,650)

If you’re just starting out, or you’re a student and you don’t know which state is best for your career path just yet, that’s ok. With an average salary of $85K and an average hourly rate of $37 amongst these states, they make great places to live for a promising career in nursing.

“It’s cold in Alaska, but there were more nursing opportunities here. I was making good money and loved my job in California, but the volume of nurses in that state was much greater. I ended up getting lost in the shuffle. Alaska is not the #1 top state for registered nurses, but there’s career growth in Alaska and I’m glad I moved.” —Mary P., Registered Nurse, Hospital; Alaska

Registered Nurses

“I wish I would have switch careers a long time ago! Being a Registered Nurse is rewarding for a number of reasons. Plus, I’m paid much more than what I was making in administration.” —Betsy M., Registered Nurse, Hospital; Massachusetts

Registered Nurses: Top Paying States

For many nurses, there are specialized online organizations that provide quick, yet qualified, certification programs so that you can start earning income, right away—no matter what state you live in!

What’s more, advanced certification, renewals, and additional education is in reach today, both online—and on the job training. With perseverance and click of the mouse, you can take your first step. Most determined professionals can obtain a health career in less than three (3) years of school.

And, these nurses are paid rather well too.

“You can choose to work in multiple areas of nursing, all without having to re-enter formal schooling. As a licensed nurse, there are many jobs you can “transfer” to without having to attain another degree. You can also pursue a wide variety of specialty certifications in order to elevate your career and increase your credibility and marketability.”

Most notable, high-paying salaried nursing positions can be attained rather quickly. In fact, there are several postings for top paying health careers across all 50 states. With just one job website that lists upwards of 17,785 jobs on any given day, there’s sure to be the perfect nursing position for you. 

Many Telemetry Technicians even go further and study to become a Telemetry Nurse Specialist as well.

You too, can become a Nurse Specialist. Click here to view exam packages available!

Registered Nurses


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