Healthcare Careers

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Thinking About A Healthcare Career?

Healthcare careers are in high demand. The healthcare industry has proven to be a good choice.


Healthcare Careers

Top 10 Healthcare Careers


10. EMT and Paramedic

EMT and Paramedics are first to arrive on an emergency scene. They work in hospitals, ambulances, and helicopters. This career field is in high demand.

EMT and Paramedics must handle life or death situation and must have quick reaction times. This field is expected to grow rapidly in the next eight (8) years.


Healthcare Careers


9. Physical Therapist

This healthcare professional work with several different patient types. From the disabled to the elderly, Physical Therapists aide their patients in becoming self sufficient and stronger.

This field is attractive to those who are interested in pursuing an advanced medical degree.


8. Health Information Technician

These healthcare professionals organize and maintain high volumes of medical paperwork for patients. Confidential documents include medical histories, lab tests, x-rays, and treatment plans. Technical advancements and the proliferation of electronic health records have grown this field.


7. Healthcare Administrator

These healthcare professions oversee medical personnel, covering the expanse of healthcare systems. As healthcare structure and finance matters evolve, administrators must adapt to new environments and changing software. There’s great demand for training and advancement in this field as current workers progress into management or executive roles and administrator positions become open.


6. Dental Assistant

Dental Assistants perform tasks that include educating patients on dental care, taking x-rays, and sterilizing instruments. With flexible schedules, some Dental Assistants work a second job or have time to continue their education. Many schools are offering formal dental assistance programs. The occupation has grown two-fold, making this job one of the most in-demand job in the dental field.


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5. Medical Secretary

Medical Secretaries—often known as Medical Transcriptionists, must have a high level of administrative and medical procedure experience. Job opportunities in physician offices and hospitals are promising for those that become certified.


St. John’s Hospital & Medical Center (Ascension Health) and The Detroit Medical Center have in-demand healthcare jobs open today. If you want to switch careers, training is out there.”, Healthcare Jobs


Healthcare Careers


4. Pharmacy Technician

Responsibilities of Pharmacy Technicians vary by state laws. Most of these healthcare professionals assist Pharmacists with medication. Pharmacy Technicians perform administrative duties, count tablets, and label bottles. Pharmacy Technicians help to educate customers.

There are few state formal training programs and no Federal requirements for these healthcare technicians. Many employers provide on-the-job training for Pharmacy Technicians.


3. Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants perform clinical tasks in hospitals or doctor offices. They work alongside Physicians to care for patients. Important to the healthcare industry, these healthcare professionals are advancing in jobs within the United States by receiving formal training and certification.


Healthcare Careers


2. Home Health Aide

These healthcare professionals help with daily patient tasks, check vital signs, and administer medicines. Functioning as caregivers to people who are unable to leave their homes or live on their own, the job outlook is excellent. As baby boomers age and Home Health Aides advance into other careers or retire, job openings continue to expand.


1. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses have generated over 600,000 jobs in 2017. This healthcare career path has ample job opportunities.

Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) often specialize in cardiac areas. Healthcare careers are advancing for nurses—especially in the telemetry arena.


Healthcare Careers

Advanced Opportunities Are Available Now


As a terrific place to start within the nursing field, telemetry healthcare professionals are on the rise. RNs and LPNs often obtain and renew telemetry certifications. These low cost, attainable career certifications show discipline and can add credentials and recognition to a nurse’s overall resume package.

Therefore, both Telemetry Nurse Specialists and Telemetry Technicians are sought after careers. In fact, telemetry and phlebotomy units are fast becoming a solid occupation choice for job advancement and professional growth.

Are you ready to be in demand? Advanced certification, renewals and additional online education is within reach.

Healthcare Careers

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